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Dialysis Transportation


     If you ever find yourself in need of a ride to a dialysis appointment, then fear not; just call or submit an appointment and we will schedule to come pick you up. Rather your in a Wheelchair, bed ridden or just need a stretcher, or capable of walking and need transport First Response EMS has a service for you. We all really appreciate it when so many people step up to help us out and take us places when we are without a car, but people can generally only be reliable for a limited amount of time. Finding medical transportation services when you need it to get to and from doctor’s appointments, as well as dialysis and chemotherapy treatments can be a hassle, no matter how kind and available your friends and family are, there is always at least once when they have something else going on and just can’t take you. It is times like these when First Response can be of use to you and your loved ones. Offering the best mode of transportation with professionally trained staffed ready to assist the community and help you in regain your health.


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